Mobile & Desktop SEO: Different Results, Different Content Strategies

With the advancement of technology and evolvement of smartphones, many people started to use their hand-held devices in order to search for relevant information. SEO Toronto professionals know it very well that smartphones and tablets have changed the way through which consumers search for a business. This means that consumers can easily drop across a business funnel at any point of time and from any channels. Many businesses might not be able to learn instantly if they are getting traffic from which platform or devices.

Is There Any Difference Between Mobile and Desktop SEO?

Many businesses might have a question on whether there is any difference between mobile and desktop SEO. Moreover, many businesses might think that they have invested in desktop SEO so is there any need for mobile SEO. Well, businesses should remember that both mobile and desktop SEO are separate entities and should be handled in a different manner.

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Why Mobile Matters?

With the rising use of mobile among customer, a business can see quantifiable impact on their business. In fact, mobile matters to Google in a great way. When a site is optimized for mobile devices, it can help a site to rank well across SERP’s. However, the rank for mobile devices is slightly different from desktop devices.

Understanding Search Result Difference for Desktop and Mobile

SEO Toronto states that the search results for mobile devices are not the same as desktop. Local results can get more priority in mobile SEO results. This means Google Place listings can appear higher in mobile search results than the desktop search results.

Hence, local business should be optimized as well as local listings. Depending on the situation, geo-specific keywords can be used.

Keyword Usage for Desktop and Mobile Searchestoronto seo

SEO Toronto in order to optimize the text for a desktop site will try to go for keyword-rich content. It would help to clearly communicate the importance of the page to the search engines. However, the process of search for mobile devices works in a separate way. This is because mobile users don’t search for something with the use of keywords simply. Most mobile users the help of voice search in order to enter their query.

Search Engine Ranking Effect

Completely different set of algorithms is used for mobile searches in comparison to desktop searches. Different algorithm is used to provide better mobile user experience. If any SEO strategy for a desktop site worked in the past, this does not mean that it would work for a mobile site also. SEO Toronto professionals know it very well that the purpose of mobile SEO is completely different from mobile and desktop search. Apart from using different keywords, different context should be used for improved ranking.

Content Strategy

While implementing content strategy for mobile searches, one should try to include AMP wherever possible. The speed of the site is crucial while considering the ranking of the site. The content should be mobile-friendly and easily readable.

SEO Toronto experts feel that after going through these blog, a business would easily learn ways for handling SEO strategies. It can help a business to make use of best opportunities and help the business to grow.

Digital Agency Toronto Can Help You Get the Right Target Audience

In this digital world, traditional marketing approaches have become very limited. This is because the world of Internet has opened a sea of opportunities for any business. Going by the fact that customers spend more time online for searching or reviewing about a business, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see most of the businesses are hiring digital marketers for their business.

Any digital agency Toronto would agree with the fact that digital marketing can help businesses to acquire new clients as well as interact with the old customers. Often, it has been seen that businesses spend a lot of time in analyzing data and understanding their targeted customers. However, with digital marketing the whole process can take minimum amount of time.

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Why Digital Marketing?

In fact, businesses can make use of effective digital marketing strategy in order to help a business understand the demographics and learn about the targeted customers. Studies have shown at a time when internet plays a leading role, digital marketing can help business to extend their scope to reach out to targeted customers. With digital marketing, a business can easily make use of multiple channels in order to promote their business for the online world. If a business wants to gain great results then they should try to follow the marketing plan provided by a digital agency Toronto.

In fact, following these steps can help a business to reach out to targeted customers.

Survey Customers

Businesses should have a clear idea about their potential customers. Surveying current customers as well as target customer is very important. It can help a business to understand the percentage of customers who might be interested in the business. The data can be used to build a brand that relates to target customers.

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Research about Competitors

Businesses should research about their niche competitors. Based on competitor analysis, a business can implement effective marketing campaign which can be helpful for their business. Only when right strategy is used, it can help a business to reach out to target audience.

Social Media

A digital agency Toronto can take a great deal of effort in order to help a business gain strong social media presence. Using social media profile to post relevant posts, linking to articles, answering questions of customers can go a long way to retain customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Digital marketers can make use of affiliate marketing in order to create brand awareness about a business. With the help of PPC campaigns, digital marketers can easily promote business by using target keywords i.e. mostly users by searches. It can obviously help to gain targeted traffic.

Posting Content

A digital agency Toronto will ensure that a website is regularly updated with fresh and unique content. Moreover, if the content is able to answer the query of the customers, it can impact a business sin great way. It can get shared and repeated sharing can help to gain targeted customers

The aim of a digital agency Toronto is to help businesses reach out to targeted customers. If a business takes the help of some of these strategies, it can easily gain huge leads. Thus, it can help a business to grow.

Visitor Tracking Software Leaves a Great Impression to the Visitor

Visitor tracking software is here to keep a record of the coming and goings of visitors and non-employees in a public building site. Therefore in this way you can regulate and keep a track on the people who are paying a visit to the premises. The software is even responsible for providing a comprehensible detail about the whereabouts of those who are visiting the site.

It is one of the most complementary features of a building’s security systems and with each passing day is being adapted by more and more consumers. Take a look at some of the pros of installing a visitor tracking software.

Security and Protection:

They are perhaps the best solution to your security related issues. With the help of these updated software and features you can maintain a very tight security on the premises and ensure the best for your employees. This will actually spare you from hiring security guards or installing CCTV since visitor tracking software is self-sufficient by itself.

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Increased Accuracy

This software is perhaps the best solution if you are repeatedly failing at keeping a record of the visitors’ driver’s license or business cards. Since the software was designed to assist the big companies with accurate data through scanning devices, they are here to provide the best for you. The non-employees or those who are visiting the site are conveniently getting added to the auto-populate data of the company.


Visitor tracking software is made up with innovative technologies and can give the best performance even under hazardous situations. There have been considerable development in its features and you can actually double up the benefits with the more recent versions.

Saves Money

With streamlining and automated visitor registration, you can reduce the processing cost of each visitor. With this software you are also keeping at bay unwanted expenditure like those associated with a breach of security.

Better Identification Technique

With its advanced feature you can easily identify and point out who has been in the building at any given point of the day. This can actually help you dealing with more complicated issues like theft or burglary.

Flexible and Sustainable

Visitor tracking software can be actually tailor made or customized to suit your needs and demands. You can also update it from time to time and get the best service from it without any delay or hassle. These are some of the reasons why the feature has made quite a mark in the market within such a short span of time.

With visitor tracking software, you can bid farewell to the fat guest books and name tags. Since they require more maintenance and can get clumsy often, the software is perhaps the best alternative. Unlike the paper documents and tags, the software contains clearer and better evidence of who is visiting the building and their whereabouts. With visitor tracking software you are actually saving up a considerable amount of time on your part.

However, you need to spend some time in searching for the right software. This will ensure that you get all the benefits possible.

360 Degree Review and Its Disadvantages

When it comes to work, there are a lot of things that influences efficiency and effectiveness. 360 Degree Review is one kind of a feedback process within the organization that has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is effective in the sense that it establishes a good workplace atmosphere and also improves the efficiency of the employees. This particular process of feedback has gained a lot of hype in the recent years. However, just like every other thing on the planet, this process too is not perfect. It comes with its own set of disadvantages, which make it a less valued evaluation process in some of the companies.

Here are some of the disadvantages of 360 degree review. Go through the points to know as to why the process is not very favored in some of the biggest organizations of the world.

360 Degree Review

Inadequate Feedback

One of the first points of disadvantage that strikes the reviewers is the amount of inadequate feedback that this process generates. There always remains a high chance for the employees to have their feedback edited and filtered out by their favorite co-workers or superiors. Because of the same reason, none of the feedback is 100% honest. The managers and other executives who want access these files and records in the future might be fooled by the incorrect and biased data that they contain. It is also possible for the employees to be awarded falsely for some work that their co-worker did. On the contrary, the opposite might also happen and an employee might get scolded for something that they didn’t do.

The aim of any feedback is to be more constructive rather than personal, and 360 degree review fails to offer just that. This is one of the biggest reasons as to why this method of feedback is looked down upon.

Poor Leadership360 Review

If the executives and managers are not enthusiastic about the feedback process, it is quite possible for the process to not get implemented the way it should. In order for the 360 degree review to be successful, employees will need to get their superiors on board. The attention of the boss is utmost important for the work to get done with utmost precision. Also, the support and honest reviews of the workers are required for the best success. This however is not always possible to get hold of, because of which the correct implementation fails and the desired results are not achieved.



More often than not, the priority of the executives is to dig out the weak spots and drawbacks of their employees. This is meant to be a continuous process where both the employee’s strengths and weaknesses should be cared for. It is the work of an office environment to nurture the strengths of an employee, and to improve upon their drawbacks. Since the process fails to do so, it is regarded as a drawback of the process itself.

These are some of the ways in which 360 degree review is considered to be disadvantageous for an organization. Make sure your employees get the best feedback with the process of a constructive review. Invest in the same and be a gainer in the long run.

SEO Services Can Help in Building a Better Brand

For many people search engine optimization is something they think about only when an online business has been launched and well into operation. However, in order to get more popularity and profitability for your site, you must make sure that SEO is not considered as the cherry on top but the very base of the cake. Professional marketers will also tell you that any business owner must start thinking about SEO services and investing in it well before the online venture is to be launched.

One reason why this is important is that SEO can help you in branding. Creating your brand image and spreading awareness about it will determine how profitable it turns out to be in a few years. In order to understand the importance of branding better, take a look at the amount of money and effort big companies spend every year to enhance their brand image.

The Importance of Branding

A common misconception about creating a brand is that it is all about creating a memorable logo and making sure that people remember your name. However, branding has now evolved into a more comprehensive concept. It includes everything from how people perceive certain aspects of the company such as customer service, quality of products and services, advertising to the name, logo and catch line. Good branding enhances the value of the company and is the collective idea of how it is perceived by the people, both customers and non-customers.

How Can SEO Help in Building a Better Brand Image?

In order to invest in good branding, you first have to understand the difference between branding for small businesses and big companies. Branding is even more important for you if you have a small business. But you have to remember that even though you want your brand name to become a popular one that people talk about, stuffing your page with the name itself will not reap any benefits. This is because, since you don’t have a popular brand yet, no one is searching for those keywords.

Therefore, it is important that the keywords chosen by you are not the name of your brand but those terms that people are searching for. This will improve your rank manifold and drive more traffic to your site, making you a popular name. To increase the popularity of the brand, use keywords that present or future customers are likely to use.

Some SEO Tactics That Improve Brand Awareness

There are some strategic locations where the popular keywords have to be placed in order to make it most effective. For instance, the page title is used by search engines to get information about the website. Hence, the title is an important place to place precedence on the keyword. The primary keywords must be placed before any other. The headline, description, as well as the content body of the page can be used. Generally, most important keywords are sprinkled here are there all over the site without becoming too much. When working with keywords SEO services must beware of keyword stuffing.

Importance of Content Marketing in Digital Advertising

If you have had anything to do with digital advertising or content marketing, you must have heard the phrase “content is king”. Although it was coined several years ago, it rings true even today. Nowadays, the use of search engines have become so common that people have taken to searching for any small query they have on the internet.

For instance, if someone is looking for a black dress online, instead of accessing an e-commerce website that sells fashion garments, they are more likely to input some keywords into a popular search engine such as Google. Now, among the hundreds of websites that sell back dresses, the first few results will be of those websites which are highly ranked by the search engine.  These are the ones that the customer will eventually buy from.

Thus, online businesses are always striving to get that number one rank from search engines or at least be among the top five. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by updating relevant content frequently.

What is Content Marketing?

In simple words, content marketing can be described as creating and distributing relevant and valuable information that is searched for by a specific audience group and thus attracts them. One thing to be kept in mind is that the main aim of creating and distributing this content is to enhance sales and increase the profitability of a business.

Despite the fact that it sounds like writing a sales pitch, content marketing is a more subtle and much more effective way of getting the attention of the audience. Content provides essential information to the targeted audience. In SEO, integration of content can be said to be the most important and talked about factor.

The Importance of Content Marketing

If you are asking yourself whether content marketing is actually important for your business, the undisputed answer is yes. This can be approached from two different angles. Firstly, content is important to search engines which determine the rank of your site and thus its visibility. Secondly, content is to be written for human consumption and thus it is important for potential customers. These are reasons enough why you must take content marketing seriously.

Effective content marketing can help you reach more customers and make your presence felt among targeted audiences. It can help you build better relationship with your customers as it doesn’t rely on the hard sell technique followed by most direct advertisements. If the content you are using is crafted well and updated frequently, this can be bring more business your way and make your venture profitable.

The best thing about content marketing is that it informs and educates the audience and highlights the benefits of your product or service in a way that doesn’t make it look like a sales pitch. This form of marketing has proved to be very useful for businesses, thus justifying the obsession of marketers with good content. However, you must keep in mind that the content must be relevant to your product, well written, and not stuffed with keywords.