Laws and incidences of gambling in Ontario

Canada is a wonderful land of natural beauty. It has a long history of gambling and many laws. While no specific law states that it is prohibited to gamble, we see none that states it is legal. It is illegal if you are present in a “common betting house” but no one has charged or arrested a Canadian citizen for indulging in betting activity.

Main laws related to gaming

A couple of decades ago, when gambling was illegal, organized crime ran most of this betting activity. However, since 1970, gaming activity has become accessible to an average citizen of Canada. We have many gambling offenses of which the most generic ones under the Criminal Code of Canada are these:

Section 201 – Main thing here is keeping a gaming zone

Section 202 – Things here include pool making, bookmaking, and illegal betting

Section 206 – Relates to games of chances such as lotteries

Section 209 – Doing cheating in a game of chance

Main laws related to gaming

Serious offenses in Canada give a five-year prison term; offenses involving gambling are not so serious. At the most, one gets an imprisonment of two years. Keeping a betting house carries a term of six-month imprisonment and a fine of $5,000. Compared to America, Canada has a lenient approach to betting. All ten provinces in Canada are self-governing and have their own provisions for gaming. Most laws are identical, but we see some change in a few states.

Biggest state for gambling in Canada

Ontario is the most populated among Canadian provinces. It has a legal gambling place within a drive of one hour for 90% of the southern residents. They have 25 land casinos in operation along with slot machines at racetracks. Horseracing was popular, but the government withdrew it in 2013. Government regulated gambling has grown to include charitable games including bingo, horseracing, and ticket lotteries. We also see video lottery terminals and casino-style gambling. Not all forms of gambling are available in all provinces of Canada.

Lottery drawing and sports betting

Most governments regulated outlets allow you to bet online. This is also allowed in a few casinos operated by provinces. To do sports betting in Ontario, the players must use a Pro-Line service. National lottery and provincial drawings allow the residents to participate in the lottery. It is under Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Being a very big lottery network, it amassed revenue of more than $3 billion in 2011.

Lottery drawing and sports betting

Charitable gaming includes bingo and raffles. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation provide licensing for the same. You also have a few private operators licensed by the government.