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buy t shirt designs for commercial use

all right let's go

website I use to purchase a vector artwork that I use for my print-on-demand business so before we begin I just want to mention  you will have to spend some money if you want it to use it commercially so if you want to buy these vector artwork and use the vector outwards in your own designs and sell it

online you do have to spend some money now some of these might have options to use it personally where it might be free but since we're gonna focus more on the topic of using these designs for your own t-shirt design your own print on demand business you will have to spend some money to start off one of the first

ones I started using I still continue to use is creative market they have a ton of stuff not just for vector art but they have photos themes templates here you even have a 3d section and so this has really high quality stuff probably

one of the best ones of all the websites I believe this one actually has some tutorials now with most of the stuff on …

buy t shirt designs

what I would suggest most people to do is like buy bundles like this so you have a lot of stuff you can use for your own designs let's see what else they have here so they have a nursery bundle let's have a look at that so here we have like a nursery bundle print some cute animals some patterns so if you like stuff like this and this would go really well with your own designs your you would literally need to buy the xtended license if you wanna use it on merch RedBubble Etsy now before I do go

on purchase this I usually do contact the artist so you can go here and right here you have the artist email them and I say is it okay to use it with print on demand I would say 50/50 chance they'll say yes 150 chance they'll say no it just depends on the artist and the only reason I do this is just to cover your back so I do definitely would suggest checking out creative market it can get really pricey depending on the artist but it's definitely worth it

no another one I wo…

editable t shirt design template

If you're designing merch for a band, you gotta put yourself in the shoes of their #1 fan. And a great t-shirt doesn't have to be over complicated or over illustrated. If typing out the name, arcing it, and giving it some distress works – then it's all you have to do. Most of the time your favorite t-shirt is pretty simple, so don't feel like you need to over complicate things just to please a client or to show that you've done enough work. Designing a t-shirt starts by understanding the project and the wearer completely. Only then will you be on your way to making a great t-shirt design. Potentially someone's favorite t-shirt. And that's my job as a t-shirt designer. I don't design for my own personal taste. I dont design for the client's personal taste necessarily. I designed for the wearer. I want them to wake up and grab the shirt and put it on every chance they get.

t shirt design template

If you're a graphic designer I guarantee you're gonna have the opportunity to design a t-shirt. So what goes into making a great design that people  will actually want the where? You could simply slap a company logo on a t-shirt, but I want to dig deeper. I want you to take your thoughts on designing t-shirts to the next level, because creatively designing a message can lead to thousands of impressions which in turn can lead to thousands of additional revenue. First things first – start by understanding the wearer. The wearer is ultimately the person that's going to be sharing the shirt's message out in the the real world. In the morning the wearer has a choice out of all the other t-shirts in their closet. Are they going to choose the one you've designed, or grab any old blank t-shirt? So what goes into making a great t-shirt design that people actually want to wear? Before you think about the design itself, consider where it's gonna go. Will it be a simple p…