buy t shirt designs for commercial use

all right let's go

website I use to purchase a vector artwork that I use for my print-on-demand business so before we begin I just want to mention  you will have to spend some money if you want it to use it commercially so if you want to buy these vector artwork and use the vector outwards in your own designs and sell it

online you do have to spend some money now some of these might have options to use it personally where it might be free but since we're gonna focus more on the topic of using these designs for your own t-shirt design your own print on demand business you will have to spend some money to start off one of the first

ones I started using I still continue to use is creative market they have a ton of stuff not just for vector art but they have photos themes templates here you even have a 3d section and so this has really high quality stuff probably

one of the best ones of all the websites I believe this one actually has some tutorials now with most of the stuff on creative market you have two types of license licensing one is the standard and then the other is the extended now the on the person that owns the artwork I suggest for every individual one you contact them and specify what your intentions of using are so I've done

this for a few people a few people a few artists where I like the artwork and I contact them saying I wanted to use it for Amazon and they said no you can't have it on Amazon unless you buy the extended license now the extended license could be a lot more expensive here's not that much of a difference


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