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what I would suggest most people to do is like buy bundles like this so you have a lot of stuff you can use for your own designs let's see what else they have here so they have a nursery bundle let's have a look at that so here we have like a nursery bundle print some cute animals some patterns so if you like stuff like this and this would go really well with your own designs your you would literally need to buy the xtended license if you wanna use it on merch RedBubble Etsy now before I do go

on purchase this I usually do contact the artist so you can go here and right here you have the artist email them and I say is it okay to use it with print on demand I would say 50/50 chance they'll say yes 150 chance they'll say no it just depends on the artist and the only reason I do this is just to cover your back so I do definitely would suggest checking out creative market it can get really pricey depending on the artist but it's definitely worth it

no another one I would suggest people to check out is the hungry JPEG similar to creative market they have kind of the same deal they're a little less pricey somewhat and you get all kinds of cool stuff or and I forgot actually creative market and the hungry JPEG give out weekly free stuff so even if you don't sign up and what definitely sign up but even if you don't intend to purchase anything you can definitely just get the free stuff that they offer so you know go through that usually when you do purchase something or you do a get free and let's say this Easter thing let's have a look at how it looks so let's say I want this and we'll just go through it and read it so as you can see with all our weekly freebies this product comes with a complete commercial license so that's what we're looking for

so if I'm interested in this which I'm not but you know if you are just go there and you can download it yeah and you're good to go so this has great stuff I would definitely recommend getting the bundles they'll just end up being cheaper instead of just buying you know certain graphics here and there alright so another one I like right here is free pick and I would suggest if you're intending to use the artwork for commercial purposes you know become a premium subscriber so there's different memberships or I think there might be only one let's see subscription alright so as you can see it's $89.99 per year so basically $19 per year a bit less than $10 a month so with this with free picks you definitely don't just want to download an image and slap it on the t-shirt and that goes for most of these websites aren't going through you want to create your own design with with these elements so I just found the post they had on free pics blog on how they intend for you to use the images for commercial purpose so let's just scroll through all

here I'm gonna put this link down below so if you want to go read through it but the idea is let's say you get this vector image from 3 pic you can't just slap it on onto a t-shirt you want to have the image and make and make your own composition with the free pigs vector now they usually want you to either with these other elements and there you should create your own or you should either get something from another vector website so you can kind of combine your own thing and create your own design so don't just download an image and slap it on a t-shirt now another one that seems pretty good but I'm not subscribed so I'm not using it but they seem to have really cool stuff

is that fancy vector C Tech Daisy wick that TZ like TZ I think yeah all right so with that TC I'm not a premium member so if you want to use it commercially you'll definitely have to sign up for that so let's see how much that one cost so it's $14 a month or you can buy get two downloads for $9 so if I intend to sign up or definitely would use the $14 per month well they have pretty good stuff I personally don't use it but I would or maybe I will consider using this in the future as always before I sign up for these things I go do my own research let's say I wanted to sell it

on Etsy I'll contact avec see and be like can I use this vector our work in my Etsy store and you will get a reply say yes or no and then you take it from there so do your own research make sure you can use it in the intended marketplace you want selling all rights and last but not least we have vector start stock now once again I don't personally use this but this is something else I would consider signing up for they do have a subscription-based thing and I believe they also you can also buy one-off vectors so right here's roughly the typical pricing of the vectors are most likely you'd wanna have an extended license which will bring the price up a bit but once again find out what in what they would prefer to you for you to use if you have your own Shopify store if you're selling on that C or you're intending on to have you know a long term business definitely try to go with the extended that way you don't have to because usually the standard has limits limitations to it and you know you just want to cover your back make sure you have everything all the licensing in place so if anything comes up you most of these websites do offer you some document that you actually you're either a Premium Member or that you will have the rights to this image so you would

also save these files just in case something comes up you have some proof that you did purchase it and you have the rights to use it and with all of these try to reach out to the people um most of them I always reach down especially creative market I reach out to the artist so in a way you do have a relationship with these companies so if you have more questions you have their email or you'll have someone's email where you can contact them and you know make things a lot more easier so these are my top five vector websites I personally use or will use in the future there are a lot out there and I would love to hear from you which ones you prefer and if you have something different that you like I would I'd love to hear it and check it out all right so until the next video peace


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