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If you're designing merch for a band, you gotta put yourself in the shoes of their #1 fan. And a great t-shirt doesn't have to be over complicated or over illustrated. If typing out the name, arcing it, and giving it some distress works – then it's all you have to do. Most of the time your favorite t-shirt is pretty simple, so don't feel like you need to over complicate things just to please a client or to show that you've done enough work. Designing a t-shirt starts by understanding the project and the wearer completely. Only then will you be on your way to making a great t-shirt design. Potentially someone's favorite t-shirt. And that's my job as a t-shirt designer. I don't design for my own personal taste. I dont design for the client's personal taste necessarily. I designed for the wearer. I want them to wake up and grab the shirt and put it on every chance they get.


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